Redesigning Our Own Website

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Treating Ourselves to the Web Design Service we have Provided Others

The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot, as they say. Well, the same can be said for website designers. Though Tangram 3DS offers clients top-notch website design services, we have been far too busy in recent years (thank you!) to revamp our own site. So, we are excited to announce that we have upgraded our website to better showcase all the services we offer, making it more navigable and mobile-friendly. We have put a lot of work into the layout and design to showcase our expertise and innovative design work. So, check out our new shoes! Sleek and stylish, they fit us well and will hopefully take us far. We hope you enjoy it!

With added services and new team members, Tangram 3DS saw a great deal of growth in 2016, making it our most successful year ever. In the fall, we opened our Columbus, Ohio office, led by managing director Rick Knight, and added new staff to the team in our Kittery, Maine headquarters to better serve all markets and accommodate our firm’s rapid growth. Now, to keep us moving forward into a successful new year, we have turned our creative energies to redesigning our own website to showcase our expertise and innovative design work.

What’s New on Our Website?

Our new interactive website, which was created in-house, is a testament to the excellent work our office can do and highlights our expanded repertoire of services. Offering a wide and clear overview of the many kinds of marketing and branding materials we produce for companies—from letterheads, announcements, print advertising, booklets and brochures to multi-media presentations and interactive design—the new website presents the more traditional branding and print projects we create right alongside projects with innovative, interactive features.

Perhaps one of the fastest growing service options that we offer is producing promotional videos for various companies to use for marketing purposes. This is especially relevant in the commercial real estate industry to showcase the premiere location of a new office or a potential retail location. These videos are a great opportunity to incorporate onsite photography and videography, which we routinely offer. Our photography services, especially aerial photography, are also featured on our website now.

One constant in our range of services has been the excellent photo-realistic renderings we offer. We have created renderings for numerous markets—from engineering, maritime, and senior living to institutional, retail and office, among others—all of which are now more easily navigable on our new website. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, realism in our renderings, and finding the right angle to showcase the building or space in the best possible way, in an effort to exceed the expectations of our client.

Now, with these same goals in mind, we have expanded our service to offer 360º panoramic virtual reality experiences. This has been a popular choice for commercial real estate, but can be used in any market to give users the ability to see the whole space.

Take a look at all the great work in all the different services we offer!