Tangram 3DS Specializes in Architectural Visualization

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Tangram 3DS Specializes in Architectural Visualization

Seacoast Online | December 15, 2013 | By Charles McMahon

Throughout almost every major project that has taken place in the city over the past 10 years, one local company appears to have remained a constant above any other. Whether it was the three-dimensional renderings for 18 Congress St. in Market Square or the future visioning of the former Connie Bean Community Center at 143 Daniel St., this company has continued to leave its mark on projects both large and small.

“We have been part of almost every project in Portsmouth,” said Stefan Vittori, founder of Tangram 3DS LLC, an architectural visualization and computer animation company.

Based in Kittery, the company is now entering its 10th year doing business on the Seacoast and beyond. Tangram’s services include 3D modeling, visualizations, animations, video editing and photo montages for multimedia presentations in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, yacht and boat design, industrial and product design, as well as furniture and millwork design. For Vittori, perhaps the most exciting element of being in business over the last decade is the realization of just how much the company has contributed to the change that has taken place.

“We are part of the change Portsmouth has seen over the last 10 years,” he said.

A few examples that Vittori said show Tangram’s versatility include: the Hilton Garden on Hanover Street in downtown Portsmouth, 51 Islington St., 111 Maplewood Ave., a redevelopment project on Wright Avenue and Portwalk, the major multi-use development on Maplewood Avenue. In each instance, Vittori said his local company worked to demonstrate how the structures fit — both structurally and aesthetically — into the historic city of Portsmouth. Tangram’s engineers and artists work from blueprints, on-site photography and architects’ design sketches to create 3D interior and exterior perspectives, according to Vittori.
Using the latest computer modeling and engineering, Tangram’s team leverages its extensive creative and artistic skills to help architects, planners and regulatory boards envision the end product. This technology can be instrumental in securing project approval.

“We are part of the planning process and the approval process” Vittori said. “We are also heavily involved in the marketing and sales part of things.”

Vittori said another thing he is proud of is the fact Tangram has also been able to weather the recent economic recession.

“We’ve come through a tough economy on the upside, when many of our counterparts have closed shop,” Vittori said. “We attribute this upward trajectory to staying relevant and up to date on the most cutting-edge technologies, offering valuable new services, evolving to meet our clients’ needs and always providing superior customer service and exceptional work.”

But while it’s important to look to past projects to show the firm’s success, Vittori said he also looks to the future as a way of maintaining that progress. The company, according to Vittori, is currently overseeing important and groundbreaking work for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the cities of Portsmouth and Dover, and is also spearheading projects on a national and global scale. One high-profile project involves creating a high-tech 3D model of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, as well as working with lead architect Steve McHenry Architecture to create the shipyard’s Master Plan for 2040, Vittori said. The company is also helping the city of Portsmouth, visually demonstrating how the town has changed over the years and demonstrating to city officials how Portsmouth will continue to evolve. Vittori said he could also see the city utilizing Tangram for the creation of visioning tools that would allow land-use boards and other nonprofit entities the opportunity to further plan out the city. But in addition to helping municipalities and governmental agencies, Vittori said Tangram regularly helps real estate developers market and sell real estate, and their 3D images are a tremendously valuable sales tool, allowing potential buyers to envision the finished building — even before construction begins. While it may be situated in the Seacoast, Vittori said Tangram is recognized both nationally and internationally. In addition to its work in Portsmouth, Vittori said his firm has helped with the planning and development of projects at Henry Law Park in Dover, at the Boston Museum and the U.S. Marshals’ Museum in Arkansas, as well as high-rise complexes in Dubai.

“We’re excited to prove that, from a tech standpoint, we don’t need to be in Boston to have a cutting-edge agency,” he said. “We’ve built an innovative, best-in-class firm right here on the Seacoast, where we can serve our local community and hire top local talent.”

The company, which currently consist of five employees, is also growing, according to Vittori.

“Our agency is growing and thriving, in part due to our new, dynamic leadership. We recently promoted Jared Foley, a Portsmouth native, to our new director of visualization after seven successful years working with Tangram,” Vittori said. “Jared has repeatedly proven his value through various roles — from intern to modeler, visualizer and now director — and his creative presence is elevating our company and our projects to impressive new levels.”

Foley said the software in the industry is always changing and progressing, so Tangram has committed to using the most cutting-edge tools and technologies to stay relevant and competitive.

“We’re constantly doing things we haven’t done before, continually learning and always pushing the envelope to inspire great things to happen,” he said.

Another major reason Vittori said the company has been able to achieve success is its continued emphasis on creating new and useful products. One new service Vittori said has proven valuable is Tangram iDs Interactive Design Solutions, which includes interactive tools and multimedia that allow the firm to provide more robust, well-rounded visuals for each project.

“That’s where things are heading,” he said. “You’d be able to work in real time through space.”